BTI 4.3 MKIV Supra Touch Screen Display

Introducing the second generation BTI touchscreen display. We have received many requests for a larger screen for the MKIV Supra stock clock locationas well as a larger windshield mount unit and this is our solution. The new larger display with an anti-glare coating now has a boost in processing power and memory allowing for all compatible integrations to be loaded into this single device. Just select your compatible ECU and baud rate. As with the previous generation, there are two 0 - 5 volt analog outputs and CAN transmit functionality as well. This means that this gauge is capable of adjusting boost settings. traction settings, and much more. Of course ther is the standard shift light that may be programmable by gearand next to that is an auto dimming sensor that keeps the display at the correct brightness. 


Mounting Options: The Supra displays include a mount the uses the factory screws and mounting locations that the factory clock uses. The Universal mount has 3 threaded mounting points and includes a universal  mounting bracket. The HD windshield mount model includes a heavy duty suction mount.


TPMS: This display is capable of reading TPMS over CAN and is compatible with our own TPMS-CAN system. Our TPMS-CAN system is capable of eithe 500 Kb/s or 1 MB/s baud rates which will work with any aftermarket ECU that we support. We also currently support data from the Haltech TMS4 TPMS CAN system which is only capable of a 1 MB/s baud rate.


You will need to select your ECU wiring harness option when ordering.


**MKIV Supra models are only compatible with Series 1 MKIV Supra dashes** (Not compatible with the Analog clock mounting location)

Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.


  • LHD Supra
  • AEM Infinity
$565.00 (USD)
$565.00 (USD)