PHR Billet Isolating Engine Mount (Motor Mount) for 1993-1998 MKIV Supra

Price: $259.00 (USD)
PHR 01011092

Introducing the latest and greatest engine mount option to come to the 2JZ. The PHR Billet Isolating Engine Mount for 1993-1998 MKIV Supra is the ultimate solution without compromise. More aggressive than the TRD variation without committing to full solid mount. Despite the 2JZ being a very balanced engine, a full solid mount will always be accompanied by increased vibration and noise transfer. This innovative isolating design help cut down that transfer while keeping the rigidity that you want for your race engine.

These are beautifully CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum with a 70A Durometer rubber cushion separating the two ends. You're going to shed a tear hiding this away in your engine bay.

Mount is serviceable meaning you can inspect and replace the rubber cushions inside. These can be purchased from PHR separately.

 Pair these mounts with the PHR Billet Engine Mount Bracket Set for 1993-1995 MKIV Supra and add even more shine and sustainability to your build. 


**NOTEPriced for one a Piece. Set will Require Quantity x2**


***THESE ARE DESIGNED AROUND THE S1 (EARLY MODEL) ENGINE BRACKETS** SC300 and Late Model Supra Brackets will not work