PHR Upper Radiator Pipe for IS300 with 2JZ-GTE

If you're running a 2JZ-GTE VVTi  with our Billet Race Waterneck, This is your solution for a properly routed and aesthetically pleasing upper radiator pipe. Also have a version for to work with OEM Waterneck. Just select the options that suits you below.

Avoid those sagging rubber hoses which tend to drop onto the accessory drive belt, eventually causing hose failure.

Fits any year IS300 with VVTI and Non-VVTI. Will not damage the radiator or coolant outlet pipe, as the silicone hose ends absorb any vibrations or movement.

The kit consists of couplers, clamps, and mandrel bent aluminum piping.
PHR 030906
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  • Aristo Waterneck - PHR 03090601
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$193.05 (USD)
$193.05 (USD)