PHR 500hp Street Torque Turbo Kit for 1993-1998 Toyota Supra TT USDM, Stock ECU

Price: $3,890.81 (USD)
PHR 01012310.US
Includes: •PTE 6266 JB Turbo w/ .81AR Turbine Housing •PHR Street Torque Cast Manifold •PTE 46mm Wastegate and PHR WG Adapter •PHR 3.0 Downpipe to Mate to Stock TT Location •PHR Dumptube to Atmosphere •PHR 2.5" Hot Side Intercooler Pipe •PHR 4.0" MAF Intake Kit •PHR Oil Feed and Drain Lines •PHR Lower Waterneck Rotator - Requires no additional upgrades to fueling or tuning