PHR Billet Solid Engine Mount Set for 1997-1998 Supra and 1992-2001 SC300

Price: $179.00 (USD)
PHR 01011089

These are a must-have item for any Supra or SC300 making in excess of 650 horsepower! On the chassis dyno, we found that higher horsepower cars would move in such a fashion as to push the turbocharger assembly against the shock tower under boost. This usually resulted in a scratched turbo housing and/or cracked exhaust manifold. We also found that the TRD engine mounts were not sufficient enough to correct this problem on engines making over 650 horsepower.

These engine mounts are a direct replacement for the stock engine mounts on the 1997-1998 Supra as well as any year SC300 (1992-2001).

PHR Billet Engine Mounts are machined from billet aluminum and feature Grade 8 1/2" fasteners.

Use these mounts if you have this bracket on your car: