BT Innovations 3.5" TFT Gauge

If you are looking for a little more than just a display, then this may be the device for you.  This gauge has the same capabilities as the standard BTI gauges, but adds some features like user scalable analog outputs for Boost control and Traction Control.  This eliminates those rotary switches and additional holes in your dash.  There are also many peak hold functions including a Boost Episode snap-shot screen that will display key parameter values at peak boost.  Of course this gauge will display ECU protection faults such as Over-Boost , Lean Protection,  Oil Pressure Protection, Coolant Protection and more.  Finally, this gauge retains the user programmable shift light by gear function.

We have also added some new options for this gauge:  Now available with a flat back so that you can use an adhesive strip to mount the display in a suitable location.
There is also  the same display with a suction cup windshield mount which allows for the most versatile mount as well as a similar version that comes with a standard mount with a red label adhesive backing.

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  • AEM Infinity
  • Left 12MM (MK4 Supra Clock LHD)
$475.00 (USD)
$475.00 (USD)