PHR 2.5" Hot Side Intercooler Pipe Kit for Twin Turbos to Straight Entry Intercooler

Our Hot Side Intercooler pipes are made specifically to fit the needs of the do-it-yourself enthusiast switching to single turbo setup. This kit is made to fit PHR twin turbo tubular manifolds like the S23, S45, V45 and V50 and route to the PHR 4.5, 5 and 6" intercoolers.

Made of top-quality light weight aluminum. CNC mandrel bends allow for optimum flow. This kit includes all couplers and clamps you will need as well.



PHR 01011510
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PHR 01011510.S.R
PHR 01011510.S.GB
PHR 01011510.S.MB
PHR 01011510.S.WB
PHR 01011510.S.P
SKU: TUR TS-0204-1132
SKU: TUR TS-0204-3001
Only select this if PHR is providing the blow off valve or blow off valve flange. If you are adding coating to intercooler piping, please note that this has to be done prior to coating. --- SKU: PHRL01011501


  • Greddy 3 ROW
  • Raw Finish
  • No blow off valve or blow off valve flange
  • No Welding
$349.00 (USD)
$349.00 (USD)