PHR V45 Equal Length Billet Collector Turbo Manifold for 2JZ-GTE

Powerhouse Racing is proud to introduce the V45 Turbo Manifold for the 2JZ-GTE engine.

Over two decades of experience have allowed PHR the ability to provide you with the best turbo manifold on the market! Our V45 Turbo Manifold will fit any T4 turbocharger (with a Precision V-band or Tial GT42/GT45 housing) while maintaining optimum clearance from the valve cover, hood, strut tower and waterneck. 

Construction of our V45 Turbo Manifold begins with our signature PHR Header Flange. Directionally port matched and made from 304 stainless steel, the best manifold demands the best flange. 

1.5" Schedule 10 tubing is then TIG welded and fully back purged for strength, quality and flow.

Fabrication ends with our signature PHR Billet Collector. Promoting the inertia of cylinder pulses, the PHR Billet Collector improves horsepower and response while reducing back pressure.

The PHR V45 Turbo Manifold is the only production turbo manifold you can buy with a true equal length runner design. This results in the best sounding manifold on the market while benefiting you with smoother power delivery, tuning simplicity, increased torque and maximum turbocharger capability.

Select one of our optional thermal coatings to keep the heat inside of your turbo manifold, improving turbocharger efficiency while lowering your under hood temperature. Not to mention, they look great!

Every V45 Turbo Manifold is test fit on a car before leaving PHR to guarantee fitment and quality.

Powerhouse Racing turbo manifolds are hand built in-house by some of the best fabricators on the planet. Pain-staking detail is taken in every inch of these works of art. We'll put our work up against anybody on the planet. You won't find one better. We've been doing it longer and we've been doing it better. We have the experience that nobody else does. And our manifolds are backed by over 20 years of proven performance!


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PHR 01012036
The wastegate options are currently growing as new sizes and designs come available. To ensure we build your manifold that will work with your combination of parts we need to specify brand and size of wastegate/s you are running. We can accommodate these gates and sizes currently. Tial - 44mm , 60mm Precision - 46mm, 56mm, 60mm Trubosmart - 45mm, 60mm
Wastegate Brand and Size


  • Precision V-band
  • Single Scroll/Single 60mm Wastegate
  • Uncoated
  • No Dumptubes
  • Wastegate Brand and Size
$3,079.00 (USD)
$3,079.00 (USD)