PHR Silicone Rotated Lower Radiator Hose for Supra or SC300

Take the guess work out our your install with this perfectly designed radiator hose to match with our lower waterneck rotator.

On our single turbo kits where extra clearance is required for the compressor housing and front runners we include a lower waterneck rotator. Don't hassle with trimming your dated rubber hose and make for a nice and clean install.

Made from quality Multi-Layered, High Heat Resistant, Black silicone. Clamps included. This fits any 1993-98 Supra or 1992-97 SC300 with a rotated lower waterneck. 

Rotator Found Here

PHR Radiator Found Here


PHR 01010634
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$69.50 (USD)
$69.50 (USD)