PHR Do-It-Yourself -20AN Radiator Hose Kit for 93-98 Supra

The Powerhouse Racing Do-It-Yourself -20AN Radiator Hose Kit is made for those looking for a less expensive alternative to the PHR Race -20AN Radiator Hose Kit. This kit is designed so you assemble the hoses yourself using Reusable Hose Ends and Rubber-Lined Stainless-Braided Hose.

If you ever pressurize your cooling system, the last thing you want is your radiator hose popping off or splitting and throwing water all over the road or track. The PHR Race Radiator Hose Cooling Kit holds pressure of 300 PSI. You can be assured that it won't be what lets go.

When building a cooling system, you need to make sure every part in the system is not a bottleneck. Assembled with -20AN hose and hose ends, the PHR hoses flow a huge amount of fluid.

2X 90 degree reusable hose ends
1x 45 degree reusable hose end
1x Straight reusable hose end
4x -20AN male weld bungs
3ft Stainless Braided Hose

The kit is upgradable to add PHR's Billet Upper Waterneck and -20AN lower waterneck with lower waterneck rotator. Both these pieces are made for ideal routing and allows for fitment of even the largest turbochargers and manifolds and is available with polished or machined waternecks. This is a highly recommended upgrade if running a large frame turbo.

The kit is recommended to be used with an electric fan setup as the hose ends cannot clear the factory fan or fan shroud. We highly recommend PHR's Fan Shroud Kit using IS300 Fans. It must also be used with an aluminum radiator as well. Welding the -20AN weld bungs to the radiator will be required.

The PHR Do-It-Yourself Radiator Hose Kit works with the PHR mechanical fuel pump bracket or with the PHR Mechanical Fuel Pump Fuel System and his highly recommended whenever switching to a mechanical fuel pump system.


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PHR 01010616.BK
PHR 01010616.BKB


  • Stainless Hose (PHR 01010616.BK)
  • No Upper Waterneck
  • No Lower Waterneck
  • No Rotator
$416.90 (USD)
$416.90 (USD)