PHR Ford IAC Adapter Kit for 2JZ-GTE

Price: $176.40 (USD)
PHR 01011049
Finally, a solution to the 2JZ-GTE idle motors. Factory stepper motors require 4 wires to operate. The PHR Ford IACV Adapter Kit for 2JZ-GTE only requires a single output from your ecu, freeing up 3 additional outputs. This is extremely helpful on ECU's like MoTeC M600, M84 and other where outputs are limited. If your ECU is limited on outputs, this is the solution you need to free up your outputs for other needs.

In addition, the factory idle motors are extremely expensive to replace and are very difficult to find used in good condition. This provides an affordable alternative for those running aftermarket ECU's when their idle motor fails.

Can be run with a filter attached directly to the IAC or 3/4" hose to the intake pipe or other location for IAC filtration. You will need to continue using the factory check valve, grommet and gasket to keep from leaking boost. Only replace the motor and housing.

PHR is continuing to bring solutions to the 2JZ-GTE platform, and are proud to offer this one.

Please note, these settings are a base to get your started on tuning your idle and are not how yours will ultimately be set in your setup. 

Installation Notes:

The way this valve works is like following:

With the motor off, and not running, the valve sits in the open position.

Upon starting the motor, the vacuum inside the intake manifold closes the valve.

By energizing the valve, it is then opened back up to increase the amount of air allowed through it.

The higher the duty cycle, the more air is allowed through. 

A scenario which would cause the valve to seem inoperable is if there is not enough vacuum in the intake manifold, the valve will never close and will sit in the open position, not responding. The valve has to be sucked closed in order to properly operate. If your throttle body is open too far with the idle screw, or your camshafts are very large, these will both reduce vacuum. A vacuum leak can also cause a reduction in vacuum.

If this is a possible reason for the valve to not operate, you could adjust the throttle plate to allow less air past it. This can increase the vacuum in the manifold.

It is not our suggestion to adjust the throttle plate, this is just for informational purposes, and a suggestion as to possible adjustments that can be made to have the valve perform it's best. Each car and setup is different and should be adjusted to it's individual needs.

This valve is not designed to be used remotely.