Dynosaur Performance Fuel Rail Kit for Gen 2 Dodge Viper

Price: $349.00 (USD)
DYN 01061215
Dynosaur Performance is happy to bring you the best fuel rail kit for the Gen 2 Dodge Viper on the market. Save yourself from poorly designed alternatives. Get what works best at ANY horsepower level.

The Dynosaur Performance Fuel Rail Kit starts with solid 6061 aluminum which is extruded through their custom die. The extrusions are then CNC machined for our exacting specifiations. 6061 aluminum brackets are also CNC machined for a perfect fit and to hold the rail in place without movement or shifting, preventing the injectors from shifting in their bores and creating a nasty and dangerous fuel leak.

Our rails are simple to install, with only basic tools needed.

Provided in the kit are:
2 CNC-machined fuel rails,
6 CNC-machined fuel rail brackets
AN fittings and hardware