PHR Breather Kit Lexus SC300

Introducing the first of its kind!

Powerhouse Racing Breather kit for Lexus SC300
So you built a big power SC300 and now you need a breather kit to help adequately vent off harmful crankcase pressure...
But looking around nobody makes a breather specifically for an SC
even though all the other parts for a Supra fit your car the breather location and hood design of the SC300 make this a difficult task!
You could just hop on the internet and buy a universal catch can and try stuffing it somewhere under the hood like the Honda guys love to do? But maybe you want something just a little better.. Maybe you want something nice like what the Supra guys use? and you just can't make a Supra  one work.. (believe me they don't fit)
If only someone would take the time to think about the SC guys out there?
Well we did just that!

The PHR Race Breather For SC300

The kit includes all the same attributes as our Supra Breather:
Hand-built aluminum vent tank with proprietary internal baffling
  • PHR 3'' Vent Filter
  • Dual 12AN valve cover suction lines with nickel, Red & Blue or Black plated fittings Stainless or Black series Hose
  • Also available in Teflon expert series
  • 12AN weld-on fittings for the valve covers

Anyone who has ever put together 12AN lines and fittings can tell you how costly something like this is to put together. This is not merely an "oil catch can" but rather a complete engine breathing system for big boost/big HP engines. Stock or mildly modified engines can also benefit from this setup, but only slightly. You must remove the OEM charcoal canister in order to install the breather tank on the passenger side of the engine bay.
NOTE: Please choose desired Color fittings
Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.
PHR -12 Breather Lines to Stock TT Valve Covers
PHR -12 Breather Lines to Stock TT Valve Covers
PHR -12 Breather Lines to PHR Billet Valve Covers
PHR -12 Breather Lines to PHR Billet Valve Covers


  • Raw Finish - PHR 03081001.R
  • None
$372.00 (USD)
$372.00 (USD)