MoTeC Power Distribution Modules (PDM) are designed to replace conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers, simplifying wiring and reducing weight while increasing reliability.

They not only provide electronically switched power to various systems in the vehicle, but can also be programmed to make smart decisions while the vehicle is out on track. For example, they can restart devices automatically after a short, switch to a reserve pump if a main pump fails, systematically shut down devices if battery voltage drops, even regulate the water in a driver’s cool suit.

In addition to that the PDMs provide full diagnostic information, including output currents and error status, enabling teams to monitor the entire vehicle via telemetry.

MoTeC PDMs are available in four models to suit vehicles with different requirements and complexities. All models are compact and lightweight, and all share the same PDM Manager software.


With 16 outputs and 12 inputs, the PDM16 is a professional level module with Autosport connectors. It will suit vehicles that require a moderate number of separately switched circuits.


Designed as a solution for applications that require many separate circuits, the professional level PDM32 has 32 outputs and 23 inputs and also comes with Autosport connectors.


The PDM15 is an entry level unit that provides similar capabilities to the PDM16. It is built with standard waterproof connectors and has 15 outputs and 16 inputs.


With 30 outputs, 16 inputs and standard waterproof connectors the PDM30 is the big brother to the PDM15.  It provides similar capabilities to the PDM32.

Multiple PDMs can be used for even more complex power requirements.
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  • PDM 15
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