Price: $2,167.00 (USD)
The MoTeC CDI-8 answers the call for world-class ignition capability in a compact, rugged package. Designed to drive up to eight low-impedance CDI coils. The CDI-8 can operate in ECU slave mode or in stand-alone mode with Windows spark-mapping software. The CDI-8 boast features like Autosport connectors and CAN-based diagnostics. Reliable, refined circuitry can deliver full 450-volt primary voltage at 15,000 revs (30,000 RPM for 4 cyl). Output stages can deliver up to 200 amps into a CDI coil primary without damage. CDI links into the vehicle network CAN bus to provide instant diagnostic messaging. Simply the best CDI available anywhere. CDI-8 has been proven on engines producing more than 3000 Horsepower.