Introducing Project Power Shack, Post 1

Most people are aware that here at PHR we have numerous jig/test vehicles to help with product design/fitment. So we are taking our 04 Blue Stone Metallic IS300 and pushing it on the track to test the limits and develop track oriented products. Lets call it our little weekend racer.

At this point the mod list for this 234,xxx mile stallion is…

  • PHR ABS Relocation Kit
  • PHR Battery Relocation
  • PHR VVT-I delete

I know it sounds weird to run a stock high mileage NA IS300 on the track without VVTI, but we needed to test the system to make sure everything stayed working. The car performed well for the 4 heats, wasn’t a top contender most likely the slowest car on the track that day. We learned a few things about the chassis and have a game plan on where to start with mods. We will be going through the suspension and replacing things and developing a brake package as simple as new hoses pads all the way up to a Bigger Brake Setup.

Parts are currently arriving for the first round of upgrades and we will make another post once all those show up with installation pics and maybe a video.

Water marked photos were taken by Gregory Pfaff