PHR Supra Packages

Powerhouse Racing is proud to present our Performance Packages for the Toyota Supra. These are offered on 5 different stages:

Stage 1-5.

Stage 1 boasts a turnkey package at the 500hp level.
Stage 2 is turnkey at the 700hp level.
Stage 3 is a turnkey package at the 850hp level.
Stage 4 is a turnkey package at the 1100hp level.
Stage 5 is a turnkey package at the 1200hp+ level.

We also offer our extreme drag package and our extreme road-race package:

Our Extreme drag package is specific for drag cars and set for cars to run in the 8.99 to 7.50 ET ranges, depending on the driver and level of weight savings.
Our extreme road-race package is for people seeking the ultimate in a road race supra.

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